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A 100% digital currency, unrelated to any official government and without the control of any Central Bank.


Byron is fully encrypted, ensuring even further the security and safety of its users.


An anonymous, 100% untraceable cryptocurrency. Byron guarantees the privacy of the community.

Byron company

Byron is a company that develops projects on blockchain technology, including high-tech blockchain programming, decentralized application (dapps), wallet apps, coins with own blockchain, tokens, websites, white-papers, community management and crypto advertising.
We offer to our clients SaaS environment, so they can manage their projects everywhere on the world. 

Byron coin

Byron, a decentralized cryptocurrency, 100% open source, uses proof of stake (PoS), with the consensus algorithm QUARK, has a maximum supply of 25 million coins, with a network of masternodes and rewards of 1 Byron mined for block every 1 minute.
Byron is a cryptocurrency with a Masternode network that ensures the security and quickness of transactions through InstantSend and PrivateSend.

Our goals

Our main goal is to offer a 100% transparent and effective UX/UI to our clients, offering the most up-to-date and cutting-edge tools on the market, so our clients can fulfillment their project with complete success.
From the first phase we guide our clients step by step to achievement their goals, which includes full website development, deploy all ideas in the white-paper, coin/tokens programming, social media management, advertising and listing on top crypto exchanges.  

Why choose Byron?

We've currently developed over 30+ projects, ranging from advanced coin/token programming to the listing process on exchanges.
Our clients receive the most cutting-edge tools available on the market, such as SaaS environment, web3 technology, advanced security consulting, safe coins/token programming, digital marketing and professional counseling tips.

Knowing the project

Our clients provide all information about their projects, ideas, working prototypes, and we start developing from scratch.


Professional whitepaper, design and writing.
Publishing in different languages, according to customer needs. 


High quality designing/programing for your website. Exclusive images, mailing system, registration, video animations and more.

Coin development

We develop coins with own blockchain using algorithms such as Scrypt, SHA-256, Quark, X11. We also developed coins for Masternode, mining and Staking.

Token development

Advanced ERC-20 Solidy programming for tokens. Full advice in administration and tokens distributions. Token Allocation, reserved tokens, burn, mint, all functions included depending on the client needs.

Masternode & Staking

We offer an incredible advantage for your coin holders, we can set up a Masternode and Staking functionalities for your coin, under Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake protocols.

Wallet Desktop & Apps

Development of Cryptocurrency wallets for coins with own blockchain and Ethereum tokens Erc-20, for Desktops (Windows, Mac, Linux) and Google Play/Play Store marketplaces.


We offer crowdsale system for conducting an ICO. Smart contract for crowdsales. ICO Dashboard programming with user login, KYC/AML filters and token deploying. We create utility tokens for our clients.


When you need high traffic to your crowdsale, an IEO is one of the best options for your project. We offer the best price and advice in choosing the right exchange to achievement your goals.

Listing on Exchanges

We've direct contact with exchanges, which is the reason why we've lower prices than official. Our listing team will successfully guide you in all listing process, like documents and technical aspects.

Social networks

Post creation for Twitter, Telegram, Bitcointalk, Medium, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Exclusive designs for posting, video animation and monthly management.


To achieve all your project goal's, an excellent way is to conduct a high-efficiency marketing campaign on social media. Our professional team is qualified to carry out your campaigns successfully.

Where to spend your Byron Coins?


Coin/Token Development

You can use your Byron Coins to pay for development services.
You can pay with Byron + Bitcoins.


Website & Wallets

You can use your Byron coins to pay for development of crypto wallets. Wallets for desktop or mobiles. You can pay with Byron + Bitcoins.



Byron coins are accepted as payment method when it comes to advertising matters. You can pay with Byron + Bitcoins.

Technical information

Name: Byron
Ticker: BYRON
Max supply: 25.000.000
Block time: 1 minute
Coin per block: 1 coin
Collateral: 200.000
Masternode: 80%
Proof-of-Stake: 20%
Algorithm: Quark  

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Exchange listings

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Byron Masternodes & Staking

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Q1 2020

- Crex24 Listing
- SimplePosPool Listing
- MMstatistics partnership
- First programming offers


- Byron Store
- Mobile Wallet
- iHostMN partnership
- Masternodes.biz partnership
- Mercatox listing

Q3 2020

- MNO partnership
- New listing
- Zcore partners
- Trittium partnership

Q4 2020

- Gentarium partnership
- Klimatas partnership
- MNroi partnership
- WP 2021 release

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